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The Best Knoxville Cleaning Services

Customers often inquire about how we can claim to be the best company in this area. Our cleaners use optimal techniques and advanced equipment to get you the results you expect. 

Residential Cleaning

Our company specializes in providing a top notch residential cleaning service for homes, apartments, and other residential buildings. We know exactly how much a clean and healthy environment means to our customers, so we focus on providing a deep clean for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. From wiping the furniture, vacuuming the stairs, dusting door frames, removing cobwebs, and making the bed, we’re definitely your best source for an unmatched deep clean for a home, apartment, or another residential building.
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Commercial Cleaning

Serving many different companies in Knoxville, and the surrounding area, we also provide high-quality commercial cleaning services. We care deeply about our customers and the general public, so our top priority is to create a safe, clean, and, healthy work environment. Our commercial cleaning service may include waste removal, mopping, window wiping, sweeping, dusting, blinds cleaning, and much more. You may be tempted to keep the work environment clean yourself, but it’s best to hire our company for the cleaning service.
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AIRBNB Cleaning

The airbnb industry is growing everyday which means there is so much competition out there. Make sure your airbnb is the envy of the neighborhood by using our cleaning services to keep everything in top shape for all of your Knoxville airbnb renters.
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Carpert Cleaning

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When your carpet is unclean, your home is prone to many allergens and discomfort. The good news is that our company can tackle virtually any of your carpet cleaning needs with an excellent carpet cleaning service. Since we use state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee the best results. Whether your carpet has a pet odor, wine stain, or another problem, our professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to handle the job. Give us a chance to get your carpet clean, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.
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Our Knoxville Cleaning Company

As one of the top cleaning companies in Knoxville, Tennessee, our company strongly believes in offering a cleaning service that will make our customers tell their loved ones all about it. Whether you need your home or commercial building cleaned, we won’t leave any area untouched.

Our cleaning company can perform a deep clean on an extensive array of commercial buildings including restaurants, retail stores, office spaces, warehouses, and much more. We can also perform a deep clean on homes, apartments, and other residential buildings. Why not give us the opportunity to meet your unique cleaning needs?

Do you live in Knoxville, Tennessee, or the surrounding area? If you answered “yes,” you want to read on to discover why many people have place their complete trust in our cleaning company.

If you hire our company, we know that you’ll be extremely impressed by our cleaning job too.

Why Choose Our Knoxville Cleaners

Here at Spokhund Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being one of Knoxville’s premier cleaning services and if you haven’t tried our Knoxville cleaning services yet here are just a few more reasons to choose Spokhund for your next cleaning service. 


Friendly Staff

Our extremely friendly staff is ready to meet your unique cleaning needs with a big smile. We community regularly with our customers, and we always encourage them to ask us questions about our cleaning service.


Quality Cleanings

Our cleaning company offers the highest quality cleaning service that you can be completely proud of. We have a detailed approach to cleaning, which means that every nook and corner will be spotless when we complete the job in Tennessee.


Trained Cleaners

We focus on thoroughly training our professionals so that they can effectively clean and disinfect a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings in Knoxville. We know which cleaners and equipment work best on specific surfaces, ensuring a high level of cleanliness.


Reliable Service

Whenever you need an exceptional residential cleaning service, commercial cleaning service, or a carpet cleaning service, you can always trust that our professionals will arrive at your location on time ready to perform the job.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We aren’t just any cleaning company. We’re a cleaning company that always treats our customers like family. Whenever we perform a cleaning service, we’re confident that our customers will be extremely impressed with our work. If they’re not, we’ll redo job.


Fast Response Times

Our professionals are extremely committed to providing a five-star cleaning service at a time that works well for you. We are praised for our super fast response times, so we can provide an excellent cleaning service if you need a clean residential or commercial building right away.


Wonderful to work with! My wife and I have used a couple different cleaning companies in the past and Spokhund is far and away the best. Extremely professional, great work, and wonderful people to interact with. Highly recommend.

Ryan Middagh

The Spökhund crew is made of consummate professionals who are also lovely people. They are thorough and detailed, they take time and care, and are mindful of your personal particulars. After here-and-there bookings that have consistently impressed, we’ve started regular service. Highly recommend.

Michele Mortimer

Contact Our Knoxville Cleaning Company

At our company, we bring a top-quality cleaning service to the residents of Knoxville, Tennessee. Our extensive collection of cleaning services is designed to address many different problems from unclean surfaces, stained carpets, and dusty blinds to unmade beds, dirty floors, and dusty furniture. Whenever we perform a cleaning service, we significantly exceed our clients’ expectations.

We are dedicated to keeping commercial and residential buildings clean day in and day out. As a result, our customers have come to rely on our incredible cleaning service throughout the year. We even have many customers who recommend our cleaning company to their loved ones. We are extremely grateful for our customer referrals.

Do you need a carpet cleaning service, residential cleaning service, or commercial cleaning service? Our professionals can perform all of the cleaning services exceptionally well because we have many years of experience in the cleaning industry.
Let us meet your cleaning needs sooner rather than later. Contact us as soon as possible for a clean home or business. We know that you will not regret doing business with us. We look forward to meeting your cleaning needs very soon.

Thank you for choosing our exceptional company in Knoxville, Tennessee.